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Who We Are

From 1986

Founded in 1986, Stagric is dedicated to research, manufacture, marketing and assistance linked to a range of sprayers and equipment for mechanizing the vineyard.

About us

Guided by a continuous business strategy, guided by growth, committed - as long as your organization offers innovative and personalized products and solutions, which allow you to enjoy all the technological advantages on your farms.

Currently, more than 30 years after its foundation, Stagric is present in 17 countries on 5 continents, with products technological features that stand out for their robustness, performance and price competitive.

It presents a global distribution and service strategy with specialized partners who make available to customers all its capabilities in terms of business and services.


The continued effort to reach higher standards has led Stagric obtain, in 2017, the Quality Certification according to ISO9001 standard




Customer orientation

Promote relationships of trust, which allow the development of personalized solutions with a view to meeting individual needs.


Quality and Excellence

Foster quality and continuous improvement of processes, products and services for a final product with added value.



Explore daily new ideas and solutions, supported by technologically advanced processes, which result in the offer of a differentiated and competitive product to the market.



In addition to the length of the law and regulations applicable to the social, it is guaranteed in all aspects with an environmental policy based on the rational use of resources and the reduction of waste produced.



Stagric aspires to be the model of competence in the sector where it operates, for the flexibility, innovation and added value of its products and services.

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Stagric in the World!




Offer the best spraying solutions and equipment for mechanizing the vineyard, with a special focus on individual needs, innovation and the quality of the products and services presented.




1986 - The beginning

It is in 1986 that Stagric takes its first steps with the designation Oestagric - Equipamentos Agrícolas e Industriais, Lda . The market lacked flexible spraying solutions, adapted to the individual needs of each customer and their culture. The first products to be manufactured were sprayers, which quickly conquered the market and defined the position of the new company in the sector.

1996 - New Installations (first ship)

Ten years after its foundation, its first nave was built in the Industrial Zone of Carvoeira, where administrative and commercial services were installed, as well as warehouses and assembly lines, keeping the manufacturing unit in Careers (Torres Vedras in operation). ).

1997 - Branch

In order to affirm its scope of action or to guarantee better coverage of the national market, a delegation opened in the north of the country.


The construction of a second ship was a reflection of unstoppable growth. The modern industrial unit was opened in September 2000, which - in addition to eliminating some manufacturing deficiencies - promoted total autonomy for the manufacture of all its products and accessories.

2003 - The export

By gaining the confidence of the Portuguese market, it began to expand in a structured way across borders, developing a network of distributors in Spain.

2012 - Globalization

With the start of export activity to countries with a strong wine component such as Spain, Chile, South Africa and France, exports reached 30% of turnover in 2012.

2014 - A Global Identity

On the 1st of January it adopted the name of Stagric, Lda. This stage corresponds to a logical evolution that progressively led to the convergence of synergies of all the company's activities and that aims to project the STAGRIC brand to an increasingly global universe, without ever forgetting its origin and its past.

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